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The Living Bird Quarterly

    Sort Title: Living Bird Quarterly
    Title Abbreviation: Living Bird Q.
    Publishing Organization: Cornell Lab of Ornithology
    Online Access: Unknown
    Language: English
    Geographic Scope: National
    , United States,
    Type: Magazine
    Status: Inactive
    Start Year: 1982
    End Year: 1991
    Frequency: Four times per year
    Preceding Title: The Living Bird
    Succeeding Title: Living Bird
    ISSN: 0732-9210
    LCCN: 83640345

In 1982 the magazine The Living Bird Quarterly replaced the The Living Bird. Volume numbering began anew in summer 1982. The magazine was published quarterly through volume 10 number 3 (summer 1991). Starting with volume 10 number 4 (autumn 1991), the magazine adopted the name Living Bird. According to their website, the original annual The Living Bird may appear irregularly in the future.

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