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Journal of Heron Biology and Conservation

    Sort Title: Journal of Heron Biology and Conservation
    Title Abbreviation: J. Heron Biol. Conserv.
    Online Access: Unknown
    Geographic Scope: International
    Type: Journal
    Status: Active

The Journal of Heron Biology and Conservation is a peer reviewed, on-line, open-access journal. The Journal published papers on the herons of the world (Aves: Ciconiiformes: Ardeidae). It publishes papers on biology, including systematics, evolution, plumage, physiology, morphology, population biology, breeding biology, feeding biology, behavior, distribution, taxonomy and other biological topics. It also publishes on conservation of the herons, including status, population size and trend, conservation practice, case history of conservation action. While the Journal’s scope is international, papers at the national, regional, and even local scale are acceptable.

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