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International Journal of Galliformes Conservation

    Sort Title: International Journal of Galliformes Conservation
    Title Abbreviation: Int. J. Galliformes Conserv.
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    Society's Journal Web Page: http://www.pheasant.org.uk/ijgc.aspx
    Online Access: Unknown
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    Type: Journal
    Status: Active
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The International Journal of Galliformes Conservation will publish original papers on any aspect relevant to the conservation of Galliformes. The Journal encourages material that enhances understanding of conservation needs and has the potential to improve conservation management of Galliformes species. Its overriding aim is to improve the quality of knowledge that is available for the conservation of all species of Galliformes and their habitats. Therefore, we welcome material from a range of disciplines that contribute to the ecological, biological, and socio-economic dimensions of Galliformes conservation management.

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