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British Birds

    Sort Title: British Birds
    Title Abbreviation: Br. Birds
    Publishing Organization:
    Journal Website: http://www.britishbirds.co.uk/
    Online Access: Open access to some volumes
    Language: English
    Language for Abstracts:
    Geographic Scope: International
    , United Kingdom,
    Type: Magazine
    Status: Active
    Start Year: 1907
    Frequency: Once a month
    Preceding Title:
    Succeeding Title:
    ISSN: 0007-0335
    http://www.britishbirds.co.uk/search?scope=articles 1-102 (1907-2009) British Birds

British Birds publishes ground-breaking articles on identification, distribution, migration, conservation and taxonomy, and is the place to report significant ornithological sightings and events. The publication is widely regarded as the bird journal of record in Great Britain. Published monthly, British Birds is an invaluable resource for birders and professional ornithologists. Contributors include both professionals and keen amateurs. Content is always abreast of current ideas and thinking, yet written in a clear and simple style that is easy to interpret.


The article archive is hard to browse but easy to search.

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