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Birding World

    Sort Title: Birding World
    Title Abbreviation: Bird. World
    Journal Website: http://www.birdingworld.co.uk/
    Online Access: Unknown
    Language: English
    Geographic Scope: International
    , United Kingdom,
    Type: Magazine
    Status: Inactive
    Start Year: 1988
    End Year: 2014
    Frequency: Once a month

Twitching, later renamed Birding World, was a magazine for birdwatchers in Britain and throughout Europe. It was first published as Twitching in 1987 and changed its name to Birding World in 1988. Birding World ceased publication after issue No. 26/12 in January 2014. A DVD with all volumes of Twitching (1987) and Birding World (1988-2013) can be purchased on the journal's website. No volumes are currently available on the internet.

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