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Endemic Bird Areas of the World

Melanie Colón
  • Priorities for Conservation Alison J Stattersfield, Micheal J Crosby, Adrian J Long and David C Wege BirdLife International 1998 http://www.birdlife.org/community/2011/01/endemic-bird-areas-of-the-world-priorities-for-conservation/

    Out of print.

    English , Global, BirdLife Conservation Series 7 12/01/1998 0946888337 No value No value

More than a quarter of bird species are concentrated in areas that together make up just one per cent of the earth’s land surface. These restricted range species include almost three-quarters of all threatened birds. BirdLife International has identified 218 Endemic Bird Areas (EBAs), which hold at least two restricted range species, although some support more than 60. EBAs provide a reasonable overlap with the biodiversity hotspots identified by other conservation organisations, and are a focus for conservation action.


At the heart of this book are descriptions of all 218 EBAs, including key habitats, major threats and conservation initiatives and a detailed map. Tables list the restricted-range bird species present, with their global status, habitat requirements and distribution. Introductory sections present global and regional overviews. The authors discuss the wider conservation relevance of EBAs, including why birds are good indicators of biodiversity, and how EBAs can be used effectively to influence policy-makers.

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