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Birds of Peninsular Malaysia

Chris Merkord
  • MP3 Sound Collection Peter Boesman BirdSounds.nl 2014 Netherlands https://www.birdsounds.nl/index.php?pg=productoverviewitem&id=1300 English , Indo-Malay, , Malaysia, No value No value No value

The bird-rich peninsula of Malaysia has world-famous birding places like Fraser's Hill and Taman Negara.

This MP3-DVD brings for the first time an extensive collection of Birdsounds covering the entire Peninsula.


Characteristics of this MP3-DVD:

  • 312 bird species of Peninsular Malaysia
  • 932 recordings
  • with extra information where and when each recording was made
  • 10 hours of birdsounds (aprox. 10 CDs)
  • ready for modern smartphones, Android, iPhone, iPod, iPad and other MP3-players
  • uses 800 Mb on an MP3-player
  • A short manual, checklist, overview of recordings and further background info are included as pdf’s on the disc

The aim of this MP3-DVD is to cover the sounds of the resident bird species from Peninsular Malaysia.

All recordings have been taken in Peninsular Malaysia (with a few from Singapore and just across the Thai-Malaysian border), to ensure the sounds perfectly reflect what can be heard in this region. There are thus no recordings from far away, from subspecies not occurring in Peninsular Malaysia, which may have quite a different voice.


The collection of recordings presented here (932 recordings of 312 species) has a total playing time of about 10 hours, the equivalent of some 10 audio CD's... While this collection is far from a complete overview of all resident species, it actually includes most of the vocalizations commonly heard while exploring nature in Peninsular Malaysia. This is the first time ever such a large collection is being published for Peninsular Malaysia, and it also covers most of the resident species known from Singapore.


Included are several sound files per species, e.g. to illustrate different types of vocalizations, to illustrate some degree of individual variation or to document vocalizations from different corners of a bird’s distribution. Obviously, with mainly less than 5 recordings per species, one can only give a flavor of this.


Every recording includes embedded information such as English name, Scientific name, Date and time of recording, Locality name, Recordist, and in some cases further remarks or comments about background species. This information can be consulted in standard software like Windows Media Player, iTunes, iPods and smartphones like the iPhone.

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