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  1. Drs. Elizabeth Gow and Ryan Norris are seeking a PhD student to join their research team at the University of Guelph beginning September 2021. Project description: Working closely with a variety of partners and researchers (veterinarians, ecologists, and non-government), the student will use a novel on-board camera technology, the Catcam, to get a cats’ eye-views of the world, quantify behaviour and track movement. The student will have the opportunity to create a project suited to their interests that examines one or a variety of different cat behaviours, including but not limited to risk taking and hunting, habitat selection and use, or disease transmission. The results of this research has the potential to help inform cat management strategies and policies. The student will also have the chance to enroll in the new interdisciplinary One Health Graduate Program (https://graduatestudies.uoguelph.ca/programs/onehealth). Minimal qualifications: Completion of a BSc and MSc in Biology, Ecology, Environmental Science, Veterinary Medicine, Wildlife Management, or related field. Driver’s licence. Desired qualifications: Experience using GIS and R, as well as fieldwork in animal behaviour would be an asset. Proficient bird identification skills by sight and sound. Eligibility for a NSERC Scholarship is favourable, but not mandatory. The student will be working with cat owners and other stakeholders so the ability to manage, schedule and communicate with a diversity of people is highly beneficial. Location: This research will take place throughout the year at the University of Guelph and surrounding area. The student will be co-supervised by Dr. Elizabeth Gow (www.elizabethgow.com) and Dr. Ryan Norris (www.norrislab.ca). Timeline: The ideal candidate would start as a paid field technician May 1, 2021 with an official PhD start date of September 1, 2021. Please submit your unofficial transcript, CV, cover letter, and contact information for three references to egow@uoguelph.ca and rnorris@uoguelph.ca by Feb 22, 2021. Preference will be given to Canadian citizens or permanent residents, but all qualified applicants are encouraged to apply. We strongly encourage applications from members of traditionally under-represented groups.
  2. I'm working on calibrating some data in FlightR but I keep getting an error with the "make.calibration" object and am not sure how to fix it? The error is: Error in Twilight.time.mat.Calib.dawn[-25, ] : incorrect number of dimensions Here is my code: startend Proc.data Calibration.periods calibration.stop=as.POSIXct(c("2016-05-29", NA), tz="GMT"), lon=-148.80441, lat=63.6520) print(Calibration.periods) # create a calibration object Calibration
  3. I'm trying to calibrate from a light image from a Bas tag. I get an error when I call: lightImage(d.lux, offset = offset) and twlpreprocessLight(d.lux, threshold, offset, lmax = 64, map=TRUE) This is the error I get: Error in if (as.numeric(tmin) > as.numeric(date[1])) tmin missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed I'm not sure why I'm getting this error. I have about 23 .lig files that give me this error. The others seem to work. When I look at the .lig files I don't see any differences between the ones that are working and the ones that are not. Anyway to fix this? I'm not able to process the geol data without this working. Thanks in advance.
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