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  1. We are currently looking for additional American birding guides with a good knowledge of as many of the 50 states as possible with knowledge of Central America, the Caribbean, and further afield as a bonus. It is essential that you also have good computer skills and are competent at home office work while not on tour. This job requires expert knowledge of North American birds and locations, top level people skills, and good driving ability. You will be guiding for days to weeks at a time depending on the tour and itinerary. When not in the field guiding, you will be required to write trip reports, answer client inquiries, provide content for social media, and other various office related tasks. We will prioritize candidates who are excellent at general office work such as quoting, management and marketing. Location may be anywhere in the United States. Our US office is based in Ohio. If you are interested in joining the Birding Ecotours team, email us a cover letter telling us why you would be interested in becoming a tour guide and a resumé which we can consider at info@birdingecotours.com
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