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  1. POSITION SUMMARY The California Condor Reintroduction Field Technician will be responsible for daily monitoring, tracking (by vehicle and foot) and management of the Arizona-Utah California Condor flock. Duties will also include: data collection/management, facilities and equipment maintenance, and public education and outreach. All Field Technicians will report to the Condor Project Field Manager and/or Assistant Field Manager. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Tracking and monitoring the Arizona-Utah flock of California condors. RESPONSIBILITIES AND SCOPE Field Duties ● Must be able to perform all field duties including but not limited to: o Track condor movements using radio telemetry and visual observation o Record daily observations of condor movement and behavior o Observe young condors through a spotting scope for many consecutive hours o Hike rugged landscapes of the Vermilion Cliffs and Grand Canyon Ecoregion o Drive 4WD trucks and ATV’s over rugged terrain and occasionally snowmobiles o Land navigation using GPS, compass and maps o Lift and carry weights of up to 50lbs o Eviscerate calf carcasses to provide supplemental food for the condors o Ability to hike several days, independently in the backcountry o Camp independently away from field housing for up to 4 days at a time o Pick-up and transport calf carcasses from the dairy in Phoenix to the field office o Daily data entry into multiple databases o Proficiently net and handle condors during processing and treatment events o Live on site in Marble Canyon, AZ with other crew members o Tolerate long days in often extreme weather conditions of of both heat and cold ● Draw and analyze blood to determine blood/lead levels ● Affix VHF transmitters and GPS units as well as patagial tags ● Prepare and evaluate new-release candidates for release into the wild ● Provide assistance to other field crew in need, i.e. Stranded vehicles or personnel Data Management ● Complete daily data sheets with full and complete data such that a reader understands field observations ● Update multiple databases and in-the-field communications with management and crew used to record and share field data Education and Outreach ● Provide accurate information about condors and condor related issues with the public ● Give impromptu and planned presentations to individuals and groups Facilities ● assist with design and construction of facilities including hack boxes, blinds, holding cages ● Assist with maintenance and tracking of maintenance of vehicles and equipment ● Maintain field housing and treatment facilities MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS ● A biology-related undergraduate or graduate degree ● Experience with conducting fieldwork and data collection ● Experience using databases and the ability to manage them ● Confident in the operation of 4WD trucks ATV’s over rugged terrain ● Ability to work longs while maintaining a positive attitude ● Able to tolerate climate extremes, both hot and cold ● Must be in good physical condition and able to lift and carry at least 50lbs. ● Willingness to work independently in often remote areas PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS ● Experience working with California condors, Andean condors and other social species is preferred ● Experience in working in remote field settings ● Experience using telemetry and handheld GPS units WORKING CONDITIONS Expect to work in one of the most beautiful areas in the southwestern United States, including Grand Canyon National Park, Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, Zion National Park and surrounding areas. The climate can vary from extremely hot in the summer months to brutally cold during parts of the winter. Based out of The Peregrine Fund’s central office near Marble Canyon, Arizona, the field technician can expect each day to be truly unique. Settings will vary from days in the office to days in the field, based on the crew and project needs. CACO Field Tech.pdf
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