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  1. Reporting to the Program Manager and the PI, the candidate will join a team of researchers and informaticians in building, managing and analysing biodiversity datasets. The candidate will work on the Map of Life project, a scalable web platform for large biodiversity data which aims to support effective global biodiversity education, research, and tools for decision-making. The candidate will be responsible for maintaining rigorous data standards and will generate new data products, upload data to the platform, liaise with data partners, and work with the data mobilization team to oversee the digitization of spatial biodiversity data. Candidates should have a Masters degree in a scientific discipline with one year of experience, or equivalent combination of education and experience. Required skills include: Familiarity with Geographic Information Systems; demonstrated knowledge of at least one programming language, preferably R, and the ability to acquire new programming languages; and well-developed written and oral communication skills. More details here: https://sjobs.brassring.com/TGnewUI/Search/Home/Home?partnerid=25053&siteid=5248#jobDetails=1449213_5248
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