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  1. 2021 Fox Student Grant Funding Guidelines Robert Cooper Audubon Society Summary The Robert Cooper Audubon Society (RCAS) awards funds for bird-centered student research projects through a generous donation provided by RCAS members Josie and Geoff Fox. The Fox Student Grant will provide an graduate degree-seeking student with up to $1500 to purchase supplies and/or support for travel and field research expenses. The deadline for submission of proposals is 5:00 pm EST, March 8, 2021. Recipients of grants will be announced no later than April 3, 2021. No late submissions will be accepted. Eligibility To be considered for funding, the student must be an undergraduate or graduate degree-seeking student from an accredited university or college. The research proposal must focus on bird species native to Indiana, including migratory species that breed in Indiana. Proposals for study of habitat critical to breeding and wintering grounds of said species will also be considered. Application Procedure Proposals should be submitted electronically, either single- or double-spaced, with a font size no smaller than 11 points and with 1” margins. Each eligible proposal will contain the following: A cover page giving the proposal title; amount requested; name of student and research supervisor; mailing and email addresses; and the name and address of the institution to whom the check should be sent (award checks will not be sent out to an individual). An abstract of no more than 300 words. A narrative of no more than three pages. The narrative will include a) a description of the problem or research question to be studied and justification of the conservation need your research is intended to address, b) a brief review of supporting literature, c) methodology, d) the student’s qualifications, e) availability of additional financial support, facilities, equipment, f) a timetable for completion of research, and g) an explanation of how measurable results will be reported. References cited section (not part of the three-page limit) A detailed budget (not part of the three-page limit) The budget may include supplies, travel, room and board at study sites, and equipment costs. Funds will not be awarded for salaries, administrative costs, or for purchase of computers. A letter of support from the student’s primary research supervisor. Post-Funding Requirements Grant recipients must submit the results or evidence of progress of the research study within one year of funding via a written report in Word format or PDF file to the Board of Robert Cooper Audubon Society. Grant recipients will also be invited to make an oral presentation at one of the RCAS meetings during the year, or to the Board. Proposals should be submitted via email to: Mary Annette Rose President and Chair of Selection Committee Robert Cooper Audubon Society rosenflowers@hughes.net 765-774-3134
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