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  1. Hi Eldar, thank you for a reply. I get overlaping median dates or they seem quite unrealistic (like those in first post where departure date is 11. October and arrival date to next stopover (over 1000 km) is 12. October. I tried adjusting the probability cutoff. The maximum I was able to set was 0.3. If I set 0.5 I get message that the bird didn't move.
  2. Hi, before calling make.prerun.object you should load saved calibration file for a tag that worked (load(file= path to *Calibration.RData) I think your calibration period is not properly set. Now it is 10 years used for calibration... You should use here only periods with known location of tag.
  3. Hi, I am performing gls analysis of Intigeo devices in FlightR. When I use stationary.migration.summary function I get overlapping dates for stationary period. So I decided to use find.times.distribution to find arrival/departure dates to/from stationary periods calculated by stationary.migration.summary. Now I am wondering what key should I use to unify this approach across all my birds? Any advise? Here is a piece of my results of two stationary periods. Meanlat SDlat Meanlon SDlon Dist2 Arrival.Q.50
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