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  1. My father Joe Burch graduated from University of Arizona and Joe Marshall was one of his professors. They were lifelong friends. After my Dad joined the Air Force as a pilot, he was stationed at Clark AFB in the Philippines from 1968-72. Joe Marshall came to the Philippines around 1971 to record the songs of owls and Dad and I accompanied him. I was a 11 year old kid and got to traipse through the hardwood forests of Southern Luzon with Joe Marshall. He was hauling around a 50 lb tape recorder through the forest at night, even with a bum leg he had from polio or something. It was quite the experience. A few years later (summer of 1974), my Dad and us kids went to Bangkok and stayed at Joe Marshall's house. He had some very interesting books! One of his bathrooms was dedicated to keeping several large parrots. It is impressive how many square feet parrots can cover with the voluminous poop. I believe he was using birdsong for the taxonomy of birds. I found that interesting because I envisioned doing something similar with African drumming but I never got very far with it.
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