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  1. We are studying the evolution of plumage color in birds using genome-wide analyses of different populations and species of warblers that vary in the extent of black and yellow coloration in their feathers. We are looking for someone interested in this topic (bird genomics) and who also enjoys field work. We have two types of full-time positions: 1) a two month position for either students or graduates which will primarily involve field work, and 2) a three month position for an undergraduate researcher that will involve both field and lab work. The second position is funded by the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program of the National Science Foundation. Duties will include field work in Arizona catching birds and taking small blood samples in late May and June and then lab work in Milwaukee the rest of the summer helping with the genomic part of the study. Successful applicants must be enthusiastic and motivated for both field and lab work, and they must work well as part of a research team. If interested, please send an email to Prof. Peter Dunn (pdunn@uwm.edu) and include: 1) a cover letter describing your interest in the project, any previous research experience and career goals, 2) a resume and 3) names of two references. Deadline for application is 1 April. Salary is $11.90/ hour. Housing may be available. The base of operations is Milwaukee and travel to Arizona will be paid for (air/lodging). You can find more information about our lab at http://people.uwm.edu/pdunn/
  2. A new meeting has been added to the =1']Ornithology Meetings database. Meeting Description: ANIMAL BEHAVIOR SOCIETY. 2-6 Aug 2018. The 55th annual conference will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, hosted by the Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Registration and submission of abstracts will open in Feb. Deadline for Abstracts is 15 March 2018. For general meeting information and updates, including plenaries and workshops, housing and local attractions, please visit the conference website (http://www.animalbeh.../2018/index.php). Meeting Website: http://www.animalbehaviorsociety.org/2018/index.php Click here to view the meeting
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