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  1. Mackenzie Nature Observatory Mugaha Mash, Mackenzie, BC Canada Employer: Mackenzie Nature Observatory Location: Mugaha Marsh 14 north of Mackenzie, BC Country: Canada Open until filled Last Date to Apply: March 15, 2020 Description: Banders Needed: 3 postions, BIC, assistant bander 1 and assistant bander 2. The BIC and the Assiatand Bander 1 will get 2 days off a week like the BiC and will be the BIC when the BIC has his/her days off and the Assistant Bander 2 will only get a 4 day week working when one of the banders have days off and may occur on weekdays or weekends. Wages offered: $150 to S200 Canadian per day worked. Banders will be employees of MNO. When July 18, 2020 - Sep. 24, 2020 Where: Mackenzie Nature Observatory (MNO), Mugaha Marsh Banding Station, Mackenzie, BC 14.5 km northwest of Mackenzie, BC via a logging road. Requirements: Canadian master banding permit or sub-permit or be eligible for a permit under our station permit. Good knowledge of Western birds by sight and sound. Good computer skills and knowledge of using Bandit and the Daily Estimated Totals Program that is used for ETs by CMMN which is in exel. You will need to compile a summary of the season for our birding report. You must be able to work with people of different ages and skills and you need to be willing to share your knowledge. Follow station protocol (operate 12 mistnets, conduct a census, do daily observations and compile Estimated Totals at the end of the day) Send your application or request more information by sending an email to Mackenzie Nature Observatory Bird Committee at mackenzienatureobservatory@gmail.com
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