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  1. FIELD BIOLOGISTS (5) needed to survey and manage New Hampshire’s Common Loon population by kayak and motorboat on over 350 lakes, from May 18 to August 7, 2020. LPC’s work to protect and recover this state-threatened population involves a long-running demographic study, intensive nest site management, research projects and outreach focused on key stressors. Field biologists collect data on loon abundance and breeding performance within an assigned monitoring region, assisted by citizen-science volunteers. Other duties include nest site protection, rescues and mortality collections. Seasonal staff are also involved in the capture, banding, and band-re-sighting of adult and juvenile loons. Our program provides excellent hands-on experience with the conservation biology of this charismatic species. Find out more at www.loon.org. All positions involve extended independent work and teamwork at key times. Applicants must enjoy—or at least cheerfully tolerate—strenuous physical work in harsh weather, with rough water and biting black flies and mosquitoes. Reliable transportation is required. Applicants must be willing to approach lake users and solicit their cooperation. Qualifications include coursework or degree in wildlife biology or similar field, field experience with bird or wildlife surveys, and boating experience. Compensation: $350/week stipend and mileage reimbursement, with rustic housing provided for some positions. Applicants with serious interest should email or send a resume and cover letter to John Cooley, Loon Preservation Committee: jcooley(at)loon.org; P.O. Box 604, Moultonborough, NH 03254. Applications will be accepted until positions are filled, usually by mid-February.
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