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  1. The Biodiversity Research Institute invites you to join the 2020 International Loon/Diver Symposium from October 19-21 in Portland, ME. Call for Abstracts: We invite all scientists and students who study loons/divers and their habitats to submit abstracts for consideration in the oral presentation sessions or the evening poster session. Presentations on any aspect of loon biology, ecology, research techniques, conservation, and management are invited. Submit abstracts here: www.briloon.org/2020loons/abstracts Deadline for abstract submissions is April 15, 2020. Registration is Now Open: Register here: www.briloon.org/2020-loons Register by June 1, 2020 - Save 20% Symposium Program: Loon researchers and conservationists, state and federal scientists, wildlife rehabilitators, lake association members, students, and others from across the Northern Hemisphere will gather to share information on a wide spectrum of topics and issues such as monitoring and management, behavior and demographics, contaminants, emerging health issues, tracking, impacts of wind power development, effects of climate change, the value of volunteer networks, rehabilitation, and more. Find more information and updates at: www.briloon.org/2020-loons
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