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  1. Job description: One intern is needed to assist with Cerulean Warbler research in Yellowwood and Morgan-Monroe state forests near Bloomington, Indiana from May 1, 2019 through mid-late July 2019. Primary duties include conducting point counts, territory mapping, and intensive nest searching and monitoring. During point counts, technicians will record the locations of Cerulean Warblers, Brown-headed Cowbirds, Blue Jays, and American Crows and must know or be able to quickly learn the vocalizations of these birds. Other duties include conducting vegetation surveys, entering data, re-sighting color-banded individuals, and assisting with banding efforts. Intern will work 6 days per week, 40 hours per week. Provided are housing in shared cabins and a weekly stipend of $300. Intern must have a valid driver’s license and field gear, such as hiking boots, rain gear, backpack, etc. Use of personal vehicle to conduct field work is eligible for mileage reimbursement. South-central Indiana offers abundant outdoor recreational opportunities and the field housing is in close proximity to Bloomington and Nashville, Indiana. There may also be the option for the intern to assist on other ongoing projects. The variety of duties will provide the intern the unique opportunity to develop a skill set involving multiple aspects of field research, such as bird banding, radio telemetry, and nest searching. This position is perfect for a student or recent graduate looking to gain experience working with songbirds in the field. Qualifications: Must have strong work ethic and positive attitude, keen interest in birds and conservation, and strong observational and listening skills. Ability to locate birds quickly using binoculars, identify bird species by sight and sound, and navigate using a GPS, compass and topographic map are also desired. Must be able to endure long workdays beginning at sunrise, hike several miles per day on steep, uneven terrain, and work in hot, humid conditions with ticks, chiggers, poison ivy, and the occasional rattlesnake. Ability to follow directions and work well both independently and in groups is required. Must have a B.S. in Wildlife Ecology or related field or be working towards degree. Good sense of humor, an appreciation of bird puns, and basic knowledge of Indiana vegetation are a plus! To apply: Please send a cover letter discussing your qualifications, including your research experience and field skills, resume, and contact information for three references in a single electronic document with “Cerulean Warbler Field Intern Position” in the subject line of the e-mail to both Brandon Connare at bconnare@bsu.edu and Alexander Sharp at arsharp2@bsu.edu. Applications will be reviewed as they are submitted.
  2. I am part of a long-term study monitoring Cerulean Warbler populations using point counts, a geolocator study, and nest monitoring. For the past 10 or so years, we have been using mini Radioshack amplifiers connected to an mp3 player with an auxiliary cable for our playback surveys and target netting. Since the start of the study, Radioshack has gone out of business, and we are unable to purchase replacements of the amplifiers when they break. I am asking for recommendations of speakers/amplifiers that others have field-tested with success. The speaker/amplifier must be able to project sound for a minimum of 100 m, be easily transported in the field, and have an auxiliary cable port. Thank you!
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