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  1. La réserve nationale de faune de Shepody fait partie de l’initiative Connecter les Canadiens à la nature, qui aide les Canadiens à se rapprocher de la nature et des réserves nationales de faune et à améliorer les services et les programmes offerts aux visiteurs, comme le nouveau centre de découverte des oiseaux de rivage. Shepody est l’une des dix réserves nationales de faune du Canada qui ont été jugées aptes à accueillir un plus grand nombre d’activités d’interprétation de la nature. La réserve nationale de faune de Shepody comprend les sections du marais de Germantown, de Mary’s P
  2. https://www.inaturalist.org/blog/26831-algeria-inaturalist-world-tour
  3. Hi, I need more help from you to get to know to this bird that I took a picture of during the migratory birds in Algeria this year. According to the details of his beak, I think is similler to Ring-billed Gull What do you think?
  4. Birds, like all living beings, are subject to the action of the climate, which is expressed by weather conditions and their intra and interannual variations; their morphology, their physiology, their behavior, the phenology of their main activities (reproduction,migration, search for areas wintering ...), the selection of their seasonal habitats are all answers to these climate characteristics. These morphological and physiological characters, like their "traits of life history "are the result of the pressure of selection exercised environmental conditions, of which climate is one of
  5. The iNaturalist platform turns nature lovers into citizen scientists, collecting pictures around the world that now often can be identified with AI and used for scientific research.User numbers have doubled every year all over the world. Users now post half a million photos or audio recordings a month. And the platform has moved beyond its start as a social media network connecting scientists and nature-lovers, to be at the forefront of applying computer vision to the process of identifying and categorizing users’ posts for scientific use and curiosity’s sake. The engagement with ama
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