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  1. This is the pre-announcement for seasonal biological technicians (GS-05 to GS-07) to work on several bird studies in Denali National Park, including a collaborative nesting ecology study with the US Geological Survey and the NPS. The job announcements will be posted on the USA jobs web site on 18 November 2019. Interested parties must apply via the USA Jobs website (www.usajobs.gov) between 11/18/19 and 11/22/19. Applicants must be able to: 1) spend long days conducting field work in areas frequented by grizzly bears and hordes of mosquitoes, 2) carry heavy backpacks across rugged terrain, 3) identify passerine birds that occur in interior Alaska by both sight and sound, 4) work well with other field team members, 5) work independently following study protocols, and 6) follow protocols for data entry and analysis. Previous experience working on nesting ecology and nest search studies is helpful.
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