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  1. Updated posting: RESEARCH ASSOCIATE position (full time, permanent) at the Southern Sierra Research Station (SSRS), a small non-profit dedicated to conserving biodiversity through research. SSRS is located in the Southern Sierra Nevada (Kern Co., CA). Much of our research is focused on understanding the factors that influence population dynamics of birds, but we occasionally work on other topics and with other taxa. See http://www.southernsierraresearch.org for further details. Field work is primarily conducted in Southern CA and possibly Latin America. Duties include, but are not limited to (in order of priority); (1) Assisting with the management of seasonal staff and coordinating concurrent projects underneath the administrative umbrella of SSRS, (2) Analysis and compilation of datasets using up-to-date and widely-accepted statistical methods and programs, (3) assisting with the maintenance and computing requirements of the field station, (4) designing and conducting independent research within the annual scheduling dictated by the summer field season and grant writing/data analysis and report submission for the remaining months of the year. Position is approximately 60% research/data analysis and 40% administrative/supervisory. Applicants should have a M.S. or higher in Biology, Ecology, or a related field with a strong statistical background. Experience with Excel, GIS, R and current statistical methodology and associated programming skills are required as is a demonstrated history of excellent oral and written communication and organizational skills. The ability to compile reports, grants and produce manuscripts is required. The ability to be able to work on several concurrent projects with different people and partners within and out-with the organization and demonstrate a strong professional and scientific work ethic at all times will be important. The successful candidate will be professional yet resourceful and able to take initiative while working independently or in a multi-partner setting. Preferred but not required is experience with numerous field techniques for studying birds (i.e., point count methods, nest searching, banding, and behavioral observation). The candidate must be physically fit for field work during the field season. Knowledge of Spanish and experience traveling in Latin America is a bonus, but not necessary. To apply, e-mail a cover letter, resume, and contact information of three references (name, phone number, and e-mail address) in a single file to Mary Whitfield at the following email address: jobs.ssrs@gmail.com. Please include your name in the file name of your attachment (e.g. Darwin_C_application). We will accept applications until February 15 or until the position is filled. Preferred starting time is late February, though a later start may be negotiable. Salary $37,000 to $40,000/yr plus benefits depending on experience. SSRS is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
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