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  1. The project is focused on the breeding behavior of ploceus weavers in central Kenya. The position will heavily focus on resighting color banded birds at nests and across the landscape and will also involve helping to color band birds, monitor nests, observe colonies and enter data. Most of the time will be spent searching for color banded birds it is important that birds are correctly identified at their colonies. Required skills: Interested candidates must have experience resighting color banded birds and applicants without this experience will not be considered. The job will also require walking across difficult terrain for extended periods of time and carrying heavy equipment for long periods of time. The weather will be very hot and dry upon arrival and very rainy during the breeding season, so interested candidates must be able to deal with extreme weather conditions. The job will also requires a productive independent worker as much of the time will be spent away from other team members. Other prioritized skills: The position will include helping to band birds, helping to monitor nests, and performing behavioral observations. Prior experience banding and nest monitoring are desirable. Other useful skills include driving manual transmission vehicles and basic data entry. These skills are not required but are advantageous. This is an unpaid position, however transportation to/from the field station (including the flight) and room and board are covered by the project. Other personal expenses will not be covered. Accommodations are shared dorm rooms with other researchers. Meals are prepared by kitchen staff and include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Vegetarian options are always available at meals. Vegan options and other food allergy requirements can typically be met but may be fairly limited. Position start date: approx. January 15 2019 Position end date: approx. May 14 2019 *These dates are negotiable. To apply please send a CV, cover letter (1 page max) and references to woven.nests@gmail.com. In the cover letter, detail some experience reading color bands and other qualifying experiences. Please provide email addresses and phone numbers for 3 references.
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