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  1. Scope of work: Under general supervision of NRCS District Conservationist and WVDNR State Ornithologist, conduct professional-level work related to Farm Bill implementation and outreach, management, research and conservation of cerulean warbler, golden-winged warbler and other nongame and game birds on private and public lands in West Virginia, and additional duties as assigned. Projects and tasks include, but are not limited to, the following: Assist partners (NRCS, NWTF, WVDOF, consulting foresters) in coordination and implementation of the (1) Cerulean Warbler Appalachian Forestland Enhancement and (2) Golden-winged Warbler Working Lands for Wildlife projects on private lands in WV, and (3) farm bill programs Duties include: Assisting in private landowner outreach, education, and service Development of management plans on private lands based on established best management practices Administration of NRCS contracts Pursuing Cerulean Warbler and/or Golden-winged Warbler management opportunities on public and private lands - e.g., wildlife management areas, state forests, national forests as well as private lands within species focal areas. Professional development and education (e.g., participating in forest stewardship training workshops) Pre- and post-treatment species survey and monitoring Up to 2-3 weeks/year, assist WVDNR with (1) annual surveys and monitoring of species of greatest conservation need, (2) conducting breeding bird surveys, (3) additional avian point counts, (4) preparing annual WVDNR project and progress reports and statistics, and (5) assist WVDNR staff with reporting Qualifications: Bachelor’s or graduate degree in wildlife biology or related field, with a focus on birds. Excellent networking and communication skills in a broad range of contexts Experience with project management and coordination Understanding of silvicultural practices, habitat management and conservation implementation Experience with diverse field survey/monitoring methods and equipment, including GPS Ability to identify by sight and sound all bird species native to West Virginia Demonstrated experience and skill with MS Office, ArcGIS and other software tools Employment period: 1/1/21 to 12/31/25 Pay rate: $16/hour; up to 1733 hours per calendar year. Annual pay increases averaging 5% through 5 years of employment. To apply: Send completed application for temporary employment, resume, and cover letter to: Attn: Richard Bailey State Ornithologist WVDNR - Wildlife Resources Section 738 Ward Road, Elkins, WV 26241 Richard.S.Bailey@wv.gov Application for temporary employment.pdf
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