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  1. Thanks! This is still a work in progress, and I included all of the packages suggested here. This is an example of the reference that I'm building (see Cran task views for comparison) https://beausoleilmo.github.io/Ornithometrics-ctv/Ornithometrics.html
  2. Thanks! Well, if you are interested, I'm actually building a Cran task View (or maybe just a Task view) for ornithologists. If anyone wants to join, we can discuss on how to move forward :D
  3. I'm compiling a list of relevant R packages in ornithology. I was wondering if you can provide one or more packages that you find relevant in these categories. Communication and acoustic analysis Conservation Genetics Mark-recapture analysis Movement ecology, navigation, telemetry, GPS, habitat use Phylogeny Physiology, phenology and life histories Population dynamics I welcome packages not only on CRAN. Thanks!
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