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  1. Hi I'm using FLightR to analyse data from Migrate Technology devices, but the function 'make.prerun.object' is returning the following error on two of them (the number of rows is different for each device): Error in `$<-.data.frame`(`*tmp*`, "Dusk", value = c(FALSE, TRUE, FALSE, : replacement has 740 rows, data has 707 Although I don't know where this error arises within the function, I tried to cut out the rows before tag deployment and after tag retrieval from the raw data (I'm calibrating at a stationary location). This made the function work, but after running the particle filter it looks like the locations at the beginning (departure) and ending (arrival) of the track are missing. This seems that they were removed when I trimmed the raw data, but I double checked and this was not the case. Does anyone know how to solve this? Many thanks in advance! Camilo
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