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  1. Breeding Ecology of cavity-nesters in humid Chaco of Argentina: Volunteer opportunity to work as field assistant in a middle-term study of breeding biology of cavity-nesters. Work period: from October the 1st to December 15th, 30 days of minimum stay required. The project focuses on finding and monitoring nests of those bird species that use tree cavities to nest (about 40 species of birds are studied: including members of Picidae, Ramphastidae, Psittacidae, Furnariidae: Dendrocolaptinae, etc.), identifying key resources for the reproduction of these species. The humid Chaco is part of the South American Gran Chaco, one of the areas with the highest deforestation rates in the world, which is dominated by forests of Quebracho Colorado tree (endemic to this region of the world!), gallery forest, marshes and grasslands. The daily activities includes long journals in very hot (average temperature 35-40° C) and humid climates, where mosquitoes are abundant. We are looking for people who are tolerant to these conditions, good physical condition and ability to make careful observations are preferred. We gather information about nest site selection, natural history, nest survival and breeding behavior with cameras, direct observations and additionally we take vegetation measurements. The project offers shared accommodation for project members (no more than 3 individuals) with beds, kitchen and bathroom. Food expenses are covered by the project. Applicants will have to pay the costs of their transport to the province of Chaco (Resistencia), Argentina. People who speak Spanish will have priority. The specific sampling site is Chaco National Park, the house is 700 m from the park. TO APPLY send a cover letter and curriculum vitae to Facundo Di Sallo (fdisallo@gmail.com) with the subject ‘Chaco Volunteer Opportunity 2019’. Further details will be provided via e-mail.
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