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  1. Ecology and conservation of the world’s grassland birds 20 August 2018 | Vancouver, Canada A joint meeting hosted by the BOU and RSPB Centre for Conservation Science. This is a free, open meeting for IOC delegates. The day has been planned specially to provide the large numbers of delegates arriving to register for IOCongress2018 on the Monday 20 Aug, with a series of presentations they can pop in and out of during this free open day. Non-IOC delegates can attend by registering for the two days, 20-21 August (the 21 Aug option on the IOC registration page), cost $292 (IOU membership plus IOU member congress rate up to 19 August) which includes all activities on 20 August including this meeting, the Congress Opening Ceremony and Reception, plus the full science program and Canada Evening the following day, Tuesday 21 August (plus access into the Congress discounted hotel block). Our four keynote speakers are Jenny Gill (University of East Anglia, UK), Brett Sandercock (NINA, Norway), Jane Reid (University of Aberdeen, UK) and Jill Shaffer (US Geological Survey). For full details of the meeting, including the full program for the day and abstracts see here. Steve Dudley bou.org.uk | @IBIS_journal
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