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  1. it appears this position is no longer available
  2. IMO this is why guest posting shouldn't be allowed on this forum. There's no accountability for posts, and edits/removals seem to be rare. It's unclear if the person who posted ever sees these comments...
  3. It appears that this position is no longer available.
  4. This position is no longer available and should be removed.
  5. This position is no longer available and should be removed.
  6. Please remove this post, as the position has been filled. Thank you.
  7. This position is no longer available; the post should be removed.
  8. If you're considering applying from abroad, please beware of the continuing gross human rights violations the occur in China. The former president of Xinjiang University is likely facing the death penalty for nothing that resembles what e.g. Americans would call "due process." He was forcibly returned to the country while traveling with students to a conference. https://www.scholarsatrisk.org/2019/09/china-halt-the-execution-of-renowned-scholar-tashpolat-tiyip/
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