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  1. RE: Request for encounters of gynandromorphic Black-throated Blue Warblers Banders: After capturing and banding an AHY Black-throated Blue Warbler exhibiting gynandromorphism at our fall banding station at Whigg Meadow, Tennessee, I'm curious about other gynandromorphic encounters of this species, or in other members of Parulidae. Doing a quick online review, I found 9 independent reports (publications; social media; listservs) of gynandromorphic BTBW. These include records from New York (4), West Virginia (1), Tennessee (1), Georgia (1), Jamaica (1), with the first p
  2. Support is available for 3.5 year Ph.D. assistantship in wildlife ecology in the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Aquaculture at Mississippi State University. Project focus is on how Osprey, Bald Eagle, and other raptors use power transmission infrastructure during breeding and non-breeding seasons, evaluating intra-annual movements and fidelity to site and various structures for nesting and seasonal activities. Research will be carried out over the Tennessee River Valley (including AL, KY, MS and TN). Candidates should possess an M.S. in ecology or related field, experience in working w
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