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  1. Position Information Title: Avian Studies Coordinator Organization: El Observatorio de Aves Jama-Coaque, Third Millennium Alliance Location: Reserva Jama-Coaque, Manabí (between Jama and Pedernales) Openings: 1-2 positions available Dates: Mid-October 2018, minimum 1-year contract Summary Third Millennium Alliance’s (TMA’s) mission is to preserve the last remnants of Pacific Forests in Ecuador and to empower local communities to restore what has been lost. We achieve these goals through a conservation framework of science, education, partnerships, and communication at local, regional, national, and international levels. In January 2017, TMA opened El Observatorio de Aves Jama-Coaque (OAJC) as their flagship research program to help fulfill its mission. The role of OAJC Avian Studies Coordinators is two-fold: (1) to facilitate empowering educational experiences for OAJC visitors (interns, researchers, students, community members) and (2) to conduct meaningful scientific research. Daily routines typically revolve around early-morning field work studying birds with relaxed afternoons spent reviewing data, planning projects, or discussing scientific literature. Work schedule is Monday-Friday with weekends free. Responsibilities and duties · Managing field operations and logistics of research projects. · Leading hands-on field experiences for interns, students, and bander trainees. · Facilitating group discussions of research advances, techniques, and primary literature. · Upholding rigorous data collection and entry standards. · Facilitating class and researcher visits. · Co-leading community outreach and capacity-building events. · Fostering a welcoming and comfortable living environment in Reserva Jama-Coaque. · Assisting interns with independent projects that may fall outside the field of ornithology. Qualifications · Bilingual in Spanish and English. · B.S. or M.S. in biology, natural resources, environmental science, or related field preferred. · Certified/licensed bird bander (not restricted to any given country/program) · Physically fit – able to quickly and safely hike through steep, tropical terrain with field gear. · Passionate about avian studies, conservation, and field work. · Positive attitude, independent, and experience leading others in a team environment. · Willing to live in a remote (semi-off-grid) setting, i.e. the Jama-Coaque Reserve. · First-aid/CPR certified preferred but not required Benefits · All room and board is provided year-round in Reserva Jama-Coaque. Selected applicant(s) will have essentially no living expenses apart from their weekends and breaks. · Minimum 6-8 weeks paid vacation/year (1 week every two months + major holidays). · Competitive salary dependent on applicant qualifications and health insurance. · Possible opportunities to participate in additional research projects in Jama-Coaque, Andes, Amazon. Applying Applicants are encouraged to learn more about TMA on our website (tmalliance.org). Interested parties should address any inquiries/questions to TMA’s Director of Research, Mike Ellis (mike[at]tmalliance.org). To apply, please submit a 1-page cover letter, CVs/résumés and contact information for 3 references as a single pdf to mike[at]tmalliance.org and info[at]tmalliance.org by 12:00AM September 20, 2017.
  2. Position details: Employer: Third Millennium Alliance, Observatorio de Aves Jama-Coaque Position Title: Head of Bird Observatory Operations. Duration: Permanent, full-time position. Schedule: 7-14 days/month in Reserva Jama-Coaque, Manabí, Ecuador. Remaining days in Quito. Start-date: Late July 2018. Summary Third Millennium Alliance’s (TMA’s) mission is to conserve the last remnants of Pacific Equatorial Forests in Ecuador and to empower local communities to restore what has been lost. We achieve these goals through a conservation framework of science, education, partnerships, and communication at local, regional, national, and international levels. In December 2017, TMA established El Observatorio de Aves Jama-Coaque as their flagship research program to help fulfill its mission. The role of the Head of Bird Observatory Operations (HBOO) is split into three components: 33% Overseeing field operations (banding work, capacity-building/education, community outreach, infrastructure and reserve maintenance/operations). 33% Organizational development (developing new projects, forging partnerships with other businesses and non-profits, government relations, grant-writing, fundraising, etc.) 33% Science (data collection and management, analyses, publication, presentations) Major responsibilities and duties Research One of TMA’s long-term goals is to turn the Jama-Coaque Reserve (JCR) into a center for tropical research. The HBOO will help achieve this objective by conducting high-quality, in-house research and promoting OAJC’s work. The HBOO assists the Director of Research (D.R.) to ensure each phase of all TMA and OAJC studies, from design to publication, is conducted at a level worthy of international recognition. Essential functions include writing manuscripts and grant applications, designing study protocols, data analyses, overseeing field work, etc. Internships Since its founding, TMA has acquired a good deal of its unrestricted funding through an internship program geared towards international students who work and learn at JCR. The HBOO is responsible for working with the D.R. to ensure all science-based internships are rewarding and worthwhile for both participants and TMA. This can entail, but is not limited to, designing interesting and meaningful projects for interns to work on, establishing a welcoming and comfortable living environment, and facilitating intern learning/research in JCR. Beginning in August 2018, these programs and duties will be extended to include Ecuadorian nationals. Classes Group educational experiences offered by TMA or by visiting institutions provide TMA with unrestricted funding and an opportunity to get more people involved in the organization. The HBOO may at times be asked assist in attracting these classes to the reserve, teach lessons, and otherwise facilitate student learning. Workshops and Outreach National and community-level educational events are a core component of TMA’s conservation framework. The HBOO is responsible for organizing such events conducted under the OAJC umbrella with other OAJC and TMA staff. Team Management The HBOO, along with the D.R., is responsible for ensuring OAJC staff are productive, responsible representatives of TMA. The HBOO will assist with staff hiring/training and ensure OAJC offers the highest-caliber educational and research experiences to its visitors. Operations Management The HBOO will oversee day-to-day operations and logistics of OAJC and ensure research and education programs are properly implemented by staff on the ground. The HBOO will collaborate with the D.R. to ensure logistics and operations are well-designed and running smoothly. Programming Scientific and educational programming/curricula, especially that pertaining to OAJC, are written/organized by the D.R. and the HBOO. Primary foci include bander training, workshop, and outreach materials. Qualifications MSc. or PhD in avian ecology, conservation, or related field preferred. Fluent in both Spanish and English or nearly so. Highly experienced bird bander/ringer. Certified trainers will be given preference. Experience using GIS and R. Able to hike long distances in steep, muddy, tropical conditions while carrying equipment. Management and teaching experience. Positive attitude and excellent interpersonal skills. Passionate about avian studies, conservation, and field work. Compensation The selected candidate will be salaried on the Ecuadorian pay scale and receive government-provided health insurance. All food/lodging and transportation costs in the reserve are covered by TMA. Temporary housing in Quito can be provided to assist with relocations. Applying Interested candidates should send a cover letter, CV, and contact information for three references as a single PDF to Mike Ellis (mike[at]tmalliance.org) by June 18th, 2018. Additional information about TMA and OAJC can be found on our website – tmalliance.org.
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