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  1. Barbara Brown Chair of Ornithology The Science Museum of Minnesota seeks an ornithologist for the Barbara Brown Chair of Ornithology, the department director and curator for the Biology Department in our Science Division, to lead the museum’s biology program and discoveries. The museum’s research spans the fields of anthropology, biology, paleontology and watershed research. The Science Museum strives to create an inclusive, equity-based institution that empowers people to change the world through science. Museum scientists work with exhibit and program developers to engage with the public through educational programming and exhibits. They work with other museum scientists and a large, highly-trained volunteer corps. The museum has strong local public support with state of the art research and collections facilities. The ideal candidate’s experience will involve field-based biological research. Successful candidates will have a proven research program and an established record of accomplishment of publication and funding; will be a phenomenal public speaker and will regularly engage the public and media. The Barbara Brown Chair of Ornithology will lead the biology program as the Biology Department Director and Curator. As Director, this position will manage and monitor department operations to provide the vision and leadership to advance the goals of the division and the museum. Job Duties & Responsibilities: Develop long-range plans for the department, division and the institution. Curate and Manage the Biology Collection with a focus on Ornithology. Identify ways to improve collections management and care. Increase access and value of the collection. Conduct ornithological research and add to our scholarly understanding of the ornithology collections. Develop collaborative relationships with academic and museum researchers and other museum professionals. Communicate research to the field through presentations and peer-reviewed publications. Manage fieldwork and collecting expeditions. Plan, fund, and execute field research, including focused collecting, with an emphasis on the museum's three statements on evolution, climate change, and equity and inclusion. Writes or contributes to the writing of technical papers and articles on research results. Lead and supervise department staff, including volunteers. Collaborate across the museum and with external stakeholders developing unique and highly rated programs emphasizing the museum's three statements on evolution, climate change, and equity and inclusion. Promote biology projects and collections to a wide audience including the public, potential donors, scholars, and educators. Participate in public outreach activities particularly with statewide birding organizations. Encourage departmental staff to participate in outreach opportunities. Work with SMM colleagues to develop biology exhibits and programs. Direct and administer biology-related programs and initiatives. Lead the department’s fiscal responsibility as cost center manager through monitoring budgets and spending. Develop and submit grant applications to fund research and fieldwork. Cultivate donors and other funders to expand funding for the biology department, collections, and associated programs. Perform other related duties as assigned. Minimum Qualifications: PhD in biology with a focus in ornithology or related field. Experience working with the public, leading an ornithology research program, managing collections and field research. Knowledge of museum professional standards in collections management including development and implementation of collections policies and procedures. Applied knowledge of government regulations and legal requirements and experience with compliance measures. Preferred Qualifications: Postdoctoral experience is recommended. Cultural competency and experience working with diverse communities. Willingness to be open and respectful of all backgrounds. Fluency in language(s) other than English valued. The starting date of the position is flexible.
  2. If there is a merger, anyone who is a life member of either AOU or COS would be a life member of the merged organization.
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