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  1. We are looking for a qualified research staff to develop and manage research projects in urban ecology, with an emphasis on urban avian ecology. Objectives & Focal Areas The long-term objective of this research program is to build NParks’ capabilities in the practice and application of urban wildlife ecology and management, with the aim of conserving biodiversity, enhancing liveability and achieving greater sustainability. Key focal areas include but not limited to investigating how urban avian ecology can be applied to: Enhance landscape connectivity and urban avian habitats through urban design and planning strategies; Manage bird populations for positive conservation outcomes while taking human-nature coupled systems into account; Engage the public in citizen science projects which involves monitoring birds and their habitats. Duties & Responsibilities Key duties include the conceptualization, development, management and reporting of projects. The researcher will also coordinate with other departments and research partners to ensure smooth progression of projects. These projects may be concerned with other aspects of urban ecology. Requirements: PhD in urban ecology or a conservation-related field from a recognized university Research experience in avian ecology covering the following techniques: bird census and surveys, spatial tracking, population ecology, conservation genetics and agent-based modelling. A publication track record involving any three of these techniques will be an advantage. Relevant work experience in urban ecology or conservation biology will be an advantage Good interpersonal skills to work with other research teams and key stakeholders in the public, private and academic sectors Strong written and oral communication skills to communicate effectively in a variety of scientific and non-scientific forums Demonstrated ability to clearly frame research questions, design studies and implement analyses If you are interested, please email your application to marilyn_teo@nparks.gov.sg Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.
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