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  1. The North American Banding Council has composed recommendations for banding during the COVID-19 Pandemic. http://www.nabanding.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Covid19-NABC_20200415.pdf Please circulate widely. Sincerely, Luke DeGroote NABC Chair Avian Research Coordinator Powdermill Nature Reserve Carnegie Museums of Natural History
  2. Carnegie Museum of Natural History and the Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program at the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy will be conducting field surveys within several State Forests in central Pennsylvania to monitor the effects of prescribed fire through Landscape Scale Restoration (LSR) efforts on forest bird communities. Job Description: The successful applicant will conduct off-road point counts at study sites across Pennsylvania and will be expected to work independently to complete up to 20 point-count surveys each survey morning at up to select sites over the season, bush-
  3. The Motus Wildlife Tracking System has revolutionized how we record animal movements in nature. Powdermill Avian Research Center (www.powdermillarc.org) and Willistown Conservation Trust are pleased to announce that they will be providing Motus technology workshops at Powdermill Nature Reserve April 5th -7th and at the American Ornithological Meeting June 25th, 2019. The workshop at Powdermill Nature Reserve will be held from 5pm Friday April 5h to noon Sunday April 7th. Powdermill Nature Reserve, the field station of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, is located in the beautiful moun
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