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  1. We require three (3) experienced banders to help operate two banding stations. The RPBO has operated since 1994 under a fixed migration monitoring protocol consisting of a standardized banding program using mist nets, a one-hour census, general observations of birds, and the determination of Daily Estimated Totals (DET). The Bander will be expected to work a 6 day week. Work will be at both Rocky Point (restricted access, Department of National Defense (DND) lands) and Pedder Bay (at Pedder Bay Marina, accessible to the public) locations. The Bander would be part of a 4-bander team, and will help with data security and daily review of data to ensure it matches standards. The Bander will help with completion of the EDT sheet and the Daily Log during the days that he/she is present. The Bander will help train volunteers in extraction and other aspects of the monitoring and banding process. The Bander might be required to demonstrate observatory activities to occasional groups of visitors. There will be a Bander-in-charge to oversee the banding operations. Other related work might be assigned for times when the station is unable to open. Duties include: · Mist-netting and banding birds · Conducting census as required · Data entry and data quality assurance · Overseeing and training volunteers in bird extraction, data entry and banding · Helping with daily observations of birds · Preparing an occasional blog of the week’s activities and highlights · Related bird work such as bird walks, site and net maintenance and specimen preparation Qualifications · The Bander must hold or be eligible for a Banding Permit. · Extensive experience in avian mist-netting/banding [please include all relevant banding training and number of birds processed (3500+ preferred)]. All banding experience must be documented with references. · Experience of work at other bird observatories is highly desirable. · Experience banding, ageing and sexing of Nearctic/neotropical land bird migrants. · Ability to identify Western Birds by sight and sound. · Demonstrated abilities in data management and integrity · Demonstrated experience with MS Office suite · Demonstrated experience in migration monitoring observatory management and report writing. · Attention to detail, accuracy and thoroughness. · Experience coordinating volunteers. · Ability to work with others and a willingness to share your knowledge with other banders and volunteers. · Must be enthusiastic, physically fit, and able to work in cool to warm climate, with a strong work ethic. · Having own personal transportation is required. Date: position to operate from July 15 to October 18, 2020 Compensation This will be provided to interested applicants. A supplement of $400/month will be added to compensate for accommodation and/or fuel charges. Please send resumes to apharcombe50@gmail.com
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