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  1. Hi, thank you, I found it, it works like this: library(GeoLight) transitions <- trnTrans("MK10_21510_Reconstructed_000.trn") raw <- ligTrans("MK10 21510 Reconstructed_000.lig") library(FLightR) GeoLight2TAGS(raw=raw, gl_twl=transitions, threshold=10, filename = "prion21510.csv") Prion.data<-get.tags.data("prion21510.csv") cheers, Petra
  2. Hi, thank you, but unfortunately this is not the solution to my question, as I also need to import the annotation (.trn) files, and there is no function for this. I would like to use the same annotation as before, to compare the outputs based on the same criteria, and without spending long times annotating previous datasets again. Cheers, Petra
  3. Hi, I'm interested in re-processing some BAS tag data anotated previously with BAS software in FLightR. I would be very grateful if anybody can help me with this question: Has anybody used some function/script to read the .lig and .trn files generated previously with BAS software to the TAGS format? Thank you very much! Petra
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