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  1. Descriptions: The GELIFES of University of Groningen and MOE Key Lab for BSEE of Beijing Normal University are jointly seeking for Avain feild reasearch assistants in summer 2019. Our team is studying on Chinese penduline tits in North-eastern China. We conduct long-term field study in two breeding populations, Liaohe Delta National Nature reserve and Xianghai National Nature reserve, respectively. Our field work involves nest-searching, bird banding, monitoring reproductive behaviour and outcomes, insect sampling ects. The field work will be started from May to August. The objective of this study is to reveal the breeding biology of Chinese penduline tits and compare divergent parental care patterns between populations. The feild work will be normally conducted during daytime, the night works will sometimes be involved as well. Conditions: Our research group will base in Chinese national nature reserves, with good living and working conditions. Our team will cover the travel tickets, accommodation and food in China for our volunteers. However, the international flight tickets should be orgnised by volunteers themselves. Qualitifications: Eligible applicants should have study backgroud in biology, wildlife or related field. The work chance is prior to applicants with field experiences. We are looking for the volunteers who is keen on avain research or zoology, loving animals, highly motivated and able to work independently in field areas. It's no necessary but better if the applicants have valid driving liences or who can ride motorcycle. How to apply? Please send the self-introduction (CV) to email: Jia.Zheng@rug.nl. The CV should includes your basic information, your skills and experience, the reason why you want to join us, and what is you aim to gain from this field experience. We will give the feedback within 3 days after receiving your information and arrange a skype interview! We are looking forward to your new! Jia Zheng Some of the basic field works and breeding habitats
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