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  1. The TLBO is looking for volunteers to help run our fall program for the 2018 season which runs from Aug. 1 – Sept. 30 (UPDATE: STILL LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS FOR AUGUST. SEPTEMBER FULL). Volunteers will gain hands on experience in bird banding/handling as well as identification. Volunteers are expected to assist the Bander-in-charge (BIC) and Assistant Bander in all duties around the station as required including, but not limited to, banding, extraction of birds from mist-nets, census (if qualified), data entry and maintenance. TLBO typically bands between 1300 and 1900 birds/season of between 50-60 species, with an additional 250-350 recaptures. The fairly low daily volume of birds makes for an excellent environment for training, indeed TLBO is ideal for those looking to gain quality experience working with birds. Two programs are run: 1) the songbird monitoring which operates for 6hrs/day starting at sunrise for the entire season and 2) the Northern Saw-whet Owl banding program which is run on a somewhat opportunistic basis from around Sep. 7 until the end of the season, usually comprising of 10-12 nights (3hrs/night, starting at dark) with season captures from a low of 7 to a high of 60. TLBO is operated by BC Spaces for Nature, a registered Charity within BC. TLBO is an excellent station for those who enjoy remote wilderness with stunning scenery and good fishing and hiking opportunities. Wildlife is plentiful with Black Bears being common in some years and Grizzly Bears and Cougar also present in the valley. Knowledge of wildlife safety is thus very important. The Tatlayoko Valley is a 3hr drive west from the nearest major community, Williams Lake, though there are gas stations and basic services closer. For long term volunteers, pick up/drop off in Williams Lake may be able to be arranged otherwise a personal vehicle will be required. Rustic camping facilities are available within a 10 minute drive of the station otherwise volunteers are responsible for their own accommodation (there is a B&B in the valley and possibly opportunities to rent a small cabin). Volunteers will also need to provide all their own camping equipment. Volunteers are expected to work every day of their stay, weather permitting, though if sufficient personnel are present days off can be arranged at the BICs discretion. Preference will be given to volunteers who can commit to at least 3 weeks and to those who have prior experience working with/handling birds though no prior experience is necessary to apply. Unfortunately this year we do not have the funding to provide a stipend to volunteers. Please send a resume to Avery Bartels at averybartels_AT_hotmail.com.
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