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  1. Hi All. While this post is not explicitly ornithology or birding related, I'd like us all to consider appreciating and helping birds in another way today - via Giving Tuesday. I know many of us don't have much but I do hope we all consider giving just $5 to awesome bird (and other good causes) non-profits. Or consider renewing memberships today since those count as well. There are so many organizations doing great work to help protect, learn, conserve, and more all with birds at the heart of what they do. And I promise (yes promise) that $5 really does make a difference. ------------- And shameless plug -- If you're willing to consider American Bird Conservancy (I'm the Director of Public Relations there) this Giving Tuesday (THANK YOU!!) you can donate directly via their Facebook page since they have a current Giving Tuesday fundraiser. Or you can check out the website: https://abcbirds.org/story/
  2. On behalf of American Bird Conservancy (ABC): ABC and 170-plus organizations are concerned that U.S.-Mexico border wall expansion plans threaten wildlife and habitat in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. We sent a joint letter to the federal government expressing these concerns. The letter and press release can be read here: https://abcbirds.org/article/170-organizations-take-action-as-border-wall-expansion-threatens-wildlife-and-public-lands/
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