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  1. The hilliardton marsh research and education located at the southern edge of the boreal forest about 6 hours north of Toronto. Has 2 remaining spots for volunteer banding assistant positions. Volunteers will have the opportunity to learn how to extract birds from mist nest and will also learn how to band and age and sex birds . Typically we band close to 6000 birds a spring so volunteers will get lots of experience with boreal birds and other migrants. In addition to passerines volunteers will get to help out and band hawks and hummingbirds. Please forward resumes to Bruce Murphy via email birdboy369@gmail.com . If you are a positive person who enjoys being around other banders please apply right away as we only have two positions left for the spring banding season which begins may 1st and lasts until June 7th. if you would like to know more about the marsh and the species we band please check out the marsh website www.thehilliardonmarsh.com or visit the hilliardton marsh facebook site . Hope to see you in the boreal
  2. Greetings the Hilliardton Marsh Research and Education center located about 20 minutes from Newliskeard in North Eastern Ontario. If you have ever dreamed of volunteering in a bird banding station in the boreal forest learning to band boreal birds and extract birds from mist nets this position is for you. We have had great success in our volunteers going on to get jobs in ornithology related fields after training with us . If you are looking for a boreal forest bird adventure this is the place for you. We have spartan living quarters but have room to house four volunteers in a trailer with running water and room to cook. The big draw is the boreal birds that you will encounter plus the opportunity to band ruby throated hummingbirds and potentially road trap american kestrels and rough legged hawks. The volunteers we are looking for enjoys being with people and explaining the banding process to our many visitors and school groups. Our protocol banding begins May 1st and runs until the 2nd week of June. While people with birds and banding experience have an advantage we are happy to train" people people" how to be productive in a banding station. We have attracted volunteers from as far away as England and Egypt and we have had many volunteers from the eastern US and Ontario. Please direct resumes to Bruce Murphy by email at birdboy369@gmail.com. For more information about the boreal birds you should expect to see and to get a better idea of our education and research goals please visit our website thehilliardtonmarsh.com or our Hilliardton marsh face book page. We will look forward to having you join our spring migration team at the southern edge of the boreal forest.
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