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  1. Position Summary: Working together with a PhD student from Cornell University, the field assistant will help with data collection from great tits (Parus major) in Oxford, UK. This work will take place during the 2019 breeding season, from March 20- April 30. Field assistant will also work with a ~10 person team monitoring breeding success of great tits throughout Wytham Woods as part of a long-term study. Work will include: · determining which nest boxes are occupied by great tits · using RFID readers to identify owners of nests · helping to conduct playback experiments · placing microphones beneath focal nest boxes · moving microphones to various nest boxes throughout woods · occasionally changing batteries or helping to check functionality of recorders · behavioral observations at nests · Photographing birds and field workers · Some days could require extensive walking in the woods (~8 miles on especially long days, which are rare) Successful candidates must have experience in helping with behavioral research, experience catching and handling birds is preferred. Applicants should also be highly motivated and well organized, with capabilities of working both in a group and independently. Previous experience of field work is an advantage. A stipend of $1500 will be given in two increments at beginning and mid-point of field season. Unfortunately, travel costs and lodging will not be covered. Review of applications and calls for interviews will be 25 January 2019. If you are interested in applying, please send your CV to Sara at sck74@cornell.edu.
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