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  1. The Balenger Lab in the Department of Biology at the University of Mississippi (http://biology.olemiss.edu/susan-balenger) is seeking a Research Associate to assist in studies of Eastern Bluebird breeding behavior, songbird susceptibility to the pathogen Mycoplasma gallisepticum, and selection in response to the severe weather events. Field work will be conducted at the University of Mississippi Field Station and Strawberry Plains Audubon Center in northern Mississippi. The incumbent will work with, be trained by, and answer directly to Dr. Susan Balenger. Duties may include checking nestboxes
  2. PhD position(s) in evolution/behavior/physiology of host-parasite relationships The Balenger Lab at the University of Mississippi is seeking 1 or 2 graduate students to join our research group beginning Fall 2018. Students should develop an independent research focus in line with ongoing lab projects. Current topics include 1) the adaptive value of phenotypic plasticity by recently acquired hosts in mediating effects of emerging pathogens, 2) the role of parasites in driving the evolution of host immunity and the expression of sexually selected traits. Our studies utilize relationships be
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