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  1. Hi Eldar, This simple solution seems to have done the trick! Thanks a lot! Robert
  2. Hi, I am trying out FLightR on data from a couple of Integeo-tags that I previously have analysed with GeoLight. I followed the tutorial for defining sunrises and sunsets with BAStag and it worked fine and the data-files I get look ok. I run into problems, however, during the calibration process in FLightR. When I run the calibration function 'make.calibration', using the periods at the breeding sites (start and end of track), all dawns are excluded and the function produces this error message: Error in `$<-.data.frame`(`*tmp*`, "type", value = "Dawn") : replacement has 1 row, data has 0 In addition: There were 50 or more warnings (use warnings() to see the first 50) When checking the warning message this is what it says: > warnings() Warning messages: 1: In is.na(First.LogIrrad) : is.na() applied to non-(list or vector) of type 'NULL' 2: In is.na(Last.LogIrrad) : is.na() applied to non-(list or vector) of type 'NULL' ... I am not sure that this is related to the problem but in the function that is run before 'make.calibration', in 'plot.slopes.by.location', all dawns between the stationary periods at the breeding sites (start and end of the track) are excluded whereas most dawns and dusks during the periods at the breeding sites are accepted. So here is where I am stuck. The same problem happens with both files I have tried so far so I expect there is something wrong with them but I think they looks just like the Black-tailed godwit-data, and when I plot the dawns and dusks they also looks fine, so I cannot figure out why FLightR perform the calibration. I hope you can shed light upon this. Thank you! Regards, Robert
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