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  1. Location: Pelee Island, Ontario, Canada Job type: Seasonal. August 1st – November 15th Remuneration: $2778.00 per month minus deductions During their employment, participants will live rent-free with other staff and volunteers at PIBO’s field station. Job description: The Assistant Field Biologist (AFB) will assist PIBO’s Field Supervisor with all research, fieldwork, data management, volunteer supervision, field station logistics and maintenance, and on-island educational programming from August 1 – November 15th. The AFB will also be responsible for writing biweekly migration summaries. · The AFB reports to the Field Supervisor · The AFB is a seasonal, full-time position, 7 days a week, from August 1st – November 15th The AFB will: · Assist the Field Supervisor and PIBO interns/volunteers with all research and fieldwork operations from August to November. The AFB’s workload will involve up to 50 hours of fieldwork/week, as well as paperwork, data entry, and other duties associated with PIBO’s migration-monitoring program, monarch butterfly counts and Northern Saw-whet Owl banding (data entry and data proofing includes PIBO’s Daily Totals (DTs) and bird banding records); · Assist with the daily 90-minute census and the 6-hour banding period at Fish Point Nature Preserve (the Field Supervisor and the AFB may alternate these two duties based on the discretion of the Field Supervisor); · Assist with on-island education and outreach programs including bird banding demonstrations, open-house events, and entertaining visiting school and naturalist groups; · Assist the Field Supervisor with online social media updates during the fall migration season, and contribute articles to the Auspice newsletter; · Be responsible for writing the biweekly migration summaries (with help from the Field Supervisor where appropriate); Reside on the island from August to November (and live rent-free at the PIBO staff cottage during the four-month field season); · Assist with upkeep of the PIBO staff cottage and field station, including shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc.; · Help maintain a welcoming environment for visitors Qualifications: Candidates must be experienced field birders (able to identify 75- 95% of the majority of species found in the Great Lakes region by sight and sound) with previous experience banding and extracting birds. They must be physically able to spend long periods of time standing and walking over uneven terrain, comfortable interacting with the public, easy to live with, and willing to work hard. PIBO’s staff and volunteers must be prepared to sometimes work ten-hour days for up to 70 days without a day off, both in the cold and in hot, humid, and buggy conditions. Candidates must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents and must be legally entitled to work in Ontario. A driver’s license and a clean driving record are a plus. Shared housing is provided, but food and transportation to and from Pelee Island will be the responsibility of the AFB. [SS1] Conditions around the banding station are sometimes flooded and may be muddy. Biting insects, poison ivy, cockroaches, spiders, and non-venomous snakes are common. The island can be cold in the fall, and PIBO’s field cottage is not winterized. Internet and cellphone reception is limited at the banding station and at the PIBO field cottage. To apply: Please send your resume, a cover letter describing your experience and interest in the position, and contact information for three references, to Suzanne Friemann at suzanne.friemann@pibo.ca Please send resume and cover letter in by July 5
  2. An experienced biologist/ornithologist/birder with the ability to identify 75-100% of the common species found in the Great Lakes region by sight and sound. Previous bird banding experience and familiarity with the Great Lakes Marsh Monitoring Program and Breeding Bird Census (BBC) are a plus, but not essential. Free room and board at the staff cottage on Pelee Island. The position will be asap until June 11th.
  3. Education Coordinator Pelee Island Bird Observatory (PIBO) Job type: Full time/5 days a week /40 hours a week during the school year and part time during the summer. Three-month probation period. Remuneration: Salary will be based on qualifications and experience. Health benefits. Start Date: ASAP Job Description: The Education Coordinator (EC) is responsible for organizing and presenting in-class curriculum-based educational programs that raise awareness of migratory birds and habitat issues in the region of Southwestern Ontario. The program is delivered to primary and secondary schools in the Windsor, Essex County region from September – June. Summer months and times spent out of the classroom will be for curriculum development, administrative work, special projects, report writing and other duties. The EC will also assist with other PIBO education and outreach programs including Pelee Island-based video-conferencing, public events, and other activities throughout the year. To Apply: Send resume, cover letter and three work references to: Suzanne Friemann, Executive Director, Pelee Island Bird Observatory Suzanne.friemann@pibo.ca Primary Duties: · Develop new lesson plans based on PIBO’s research and local environmental information using the Ontario curriculum for grades K-12. · Deliver existing lessons to school-aged children in a variety of settings- public and Catholic schools, private schools, etc. • Liaise with local teachers and educators to schedule in-class lessons in the Windsor/Essex County areas. • Keep accurate and up to date records of all teacher contacts. • Design and distribute a program evaluation for teachers and students. • Provide an end of program report to the Executive Director and Board of Directors. • Design and facilitate the printing of media materials if required. • Assist biologists with distance banding lessons on Pelee Island in October. • Assist with other education and outreach programs as the opportunity arises. • Adhere to the program budget and provide receipts for all approved expenses. Selection Criteria: · Previous teaching experience with environmental/nature-based programs. Background in environmental science, biology, etc. · Ability to work within budget requirements keeping track of monthly expenses and mileage. · Exceptional work ethic and flexibility to work some evenings and weekends. Love of nature and interested/knowledgable about birds. · Ability to work from home with little supervision. · Bilingual English French preferred. · Independent worker with the ability to ask for clarification on subject matters related to program, processes, or information. · Above average writing and public speaking skills. · Administrative and marketing skills. · Ability to aid in sourcing grant funding, completing grant applications and working within grant requirements to achieve outcomes. · Ability to develop, market, administer and evaluate an Ontario School curriculum linked program based on aspects of conservation, biodiversity, habitat, species at risk, etc. · Proven ability to adapt to changes in classroom and alter lesson appropriately based on the needs of the students and teachers. Qualifications/Requirements: · Vulnerable sectors/police check. · Access to a reliable vehicle and valid driver’s license required. · Space to store educational supplies and home office equipment. · Weekly meetings with other staff.
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