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  1. The Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory (BPBO) is seeking volunteers to assist the Station Scientist in spring (April 15 to June 10) and fall (August 15 to November 1), Experience in field ornithology (bird identification by sight and sound) or banding is preferred but not essential. Housed on site in a well-furnished, rustic cottage (internet available), volunteers participate in all aspects of the Observatory's activities including migration monitoring (bird banding, census, observations), special events and regular maintenance and housekeeping. The days start early - mist nets are opened 30 minutes before sunrise. During 6 hours, the 15 mist nets are checked every 30 minutes and captured birds are extracted and brought back to the lab where they are banded, processed, and released. Observations of birds on-site take place between net checks and during a formal census. After the monitoring period each day, data are compiled and totals for each species are determined. Once migration monitoring period ends by the early afternoon, there is time for housekeeping and exploring the spectacular Bruce Peninsula (National Park, Georgian Bay, UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Dark Sky Community…). Volunteers who stay at least 3 weeks can receive $10/day as a food allowance. Accommodation is provided for all volunteers free of charge, in shared co-ed bedrooms. Please note that due to Covid-19, BPBO will have special protocols for volunteers, including a maximum of one volunteer at any given time. To Apply:
For more information, visit our website (URL: http://www.bpbo.ca/) and apply for a volunteer position, or contact Ted Cheskey at echeskey@videotron.ca
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