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  1. Research Assistants, Malaysian Borneo: Mist-netting, measurement, and ringing (banding) in the tropical rainforest of Sabah, Borneo. This is a study of the impacts of logging on the avian community. Work consists of strenuous days setting up transects, very early mornings running the nets, and sometimes-hectic processing. Hiking in very difficult, muddy, steep terrain is necessary. Living conditions can be challenging but are generally comfortable; RAs stay in a clean hostel with shared kitchen and bath, and electricity from 7AM until 11PM. Weather is consistently hot and humid. You may also choose to camp in the permanent camping area, where platforms are provided (along with cooking and shower facilities). Leeches are the most common annoyance, and elephants the greatest hazard. Days off are few (once per week on average), but can be spent exploring the ancient primary rainforest of Danum Valley Conservation Area. Applicants MUST have mist-netting experience, including extractions of passerines. Mental and physical fortitude and a sense of humor are essential. Tropical experience is a plus but not required. This is a true experiential opportunity, and a chance to live and work in one of the few remaining pristine rainforests on Earth. Successful applicants will most likely need to pay their own facilities fees, which amount to approximately US$600/month, as well as all travel expenses. Preference will be given to applicants who can stay the entire period (early June until late August), but experienced banders may commit to a shorter period. Send a detailed cover letter and CV to Suzanne Tomassi at suzanne(at)AviaEnvironmental(dot)com. Include references who can attest to your netting skills and approximate number of passerines you have extracted and processed.
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