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  1. Hey! Thanks again! Used the suggested changes and took LdeRaad's suggestion about changing model.ageing to TRUE. Output was as below but got Warning message below. Thoughts? Also please see notes below re map. #CALIBRATION Calibration.periods <- data.frame(calibration.start = as.POSIXct("2014-07-06"), calibration.stop = as.POSIXct("2014-08-01"), lon = CapLocs[1], lat = CapLocs[2]) #View results Calibration.periods #create a calibration object Cali
  2. Thanks to both of you. I'm still working through the rest of the code so no results yet, but at least I haven't gotten an error message! Louise, I think I found you on line so I will email you and you can send me your script.
  3. Hi there! The orignal code is designed as Calibration.periods<-data.frame(calibration.start = as.POSIXct(c(NA, "2014-05-05")), calibration.stop = as.POSIXct(c("2013-08-23", NA)), lon = CapLocs[1], lat = CapLocs[2]) but my tags died before the birds returned so I can only calibrate from the deploy time/location. I want to calibrate from a couple days after my deploy date of July 6, 2014 until August 1, 2014 so I tried removing calibration.start : Calibration.periods
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