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  1. I hope to recruit a PhD student to join my lab in the fall of 2020 to study the behavioral or evolutionary ecology and conservation of tropical birds. Highly qualified applicants will combine strong field skills with a demonstrated aptitude for independent critical thinking and good writing abilities. Graduate projects may take advantage of datasets resulting from >15 yrs of studies of birds of the Caribbean slope of Costa Rica and detailed behavioral and genetic data from a species of manakin. Additionally, the lab has strong connections with a hemisphere-wide network of researchers involved in all aspects of manakin-related research. Facilities and expertise in the lab, department, and university will provide opportunities to develop a strong skill set ranging from various physiological methods, the use of stable isotopes, GIS, genetic and genomic methods, and analysis of demographic data. Students can also take advantage of programs available through the KSU Division of Biology such as participation in the Konza Prairie LTER program, the Ecological Genomics Institute, the GK-12 program, and a very active, collegial group of graduate students, post-docs, and professors in the Ecology & Evolutionary Biology section. As a mentor, I aim to foster critical intellectual skills that will prepare students to make strong contributions to basic and applied science regardless of the career path they choose. Learn more about my lab at www.aliceboyle.net
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