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  1. Any of you who have talked with me about teaching R for any length of time have heard me talk about how 'life changing' the instructor training I received through Data Carpentry and Software Carpentry as been. A big part of that is because Software Carpentry was founded by Greg Wilson, and he has spent a LOT of time thinking about teaching, and learning from the best pedagogical research on how to teach coding.

    Greg just released a new book all about teaching technology, and while not all of will apply to teaching R, this is 100% what I recommend folks read if they want to learn how to teach coding based on the best science of how people learn. Greg is also fantastic at building practices into his classrooms that are welcoming to new comers and make sure that some of the barriers that those with great experience sometimes put up without thinking are broken down.

    The book is available open source online, more info here.


  2. Hi All,

    This is likely to become the largest tab within R Onithology. Here is where you can post on most any topic, but we request you use tags to help other users sort through the posts and find things of interest.

    Possible tags could include bioacoustics, power analysis, distance sampling, radar, modeling, and many many others.

    Feel free to start new tags of your own!

  3. Hi Everyone,

    I almost exclusively use ggplot for my graphing, but sometimes I have folks ask me questions about how to do something graphing related in base R. Anyone know of good resources I can point them to?

  4. We are working on putting together a blog post for the ROpenSci blog that will better outline the community we want to create, I'll be sure to post a link here when it goes live [might be a few weeks].

    Glad to hear about github classroom, I've not used it myself but it sounds really powerful. Certainly a great skillset to give to students.

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