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  1. Grant Overview This grant supports projects addressing global raptor research and conservation priorities. The grant invests in projects led by citizens of developing countries with the aim of increasing diversity and inclusivity in conservation while building local capacity. In 2019, HawkWatch International (HWI) led an effort to identify global raptor research and conservation priorities (Buechley et al. 2019). This research identified very stark discrepancies in raptor research efforts worldwide. Ten species (1.8% of all raptors) received nearly one‐third of all raptor research (
  2. HawkWatch International is hiring a Conservation Biologist to work primarily on our growing International Program, which is focused on quantitatively identifying priorities and targeting raptor research and conservation worldwide. We are currently engaged in endangered vulture conservation in Ethiopia, and plan to expand projects to other high priority species and geographies globally. This Conservation Biologist position will be instrumental to program growth and will be engaged in all aspects of the program. This position will primarily report to the International Programs Director (Dr. Evan
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